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Top 10 Most Expensive Dart Sets (to Improve Your Game)

1. Target Elysian Sixth Edition Darts – $745.00

Although Target Darts are based in the UK, they frequently make visits to Japan to help the Target Japan team on a variety of creative projects.

2. Target Elysian Seventh Edition Darts – $725.00

The Target Elysian Seventh Edition (Generation 7) dart is seven years in the making. Each product is sold in a set of three, for $725.

3. Target #975 Swiss Point & Soft Tip Darts – $264.50

Manufactured by Target Darts, the 975 was inspired by their Fourth Edition Elysian dart. These darts get their name form their 97.5% tungsten density, which is the highest in the entire Target range.

4. Target Daytona Fire GT10 Darts – $247.25

An extension of Target’s Daytona series, the Daytona Fire GT has the same distinctive Trapezoidal grip technology, offering the most sophisticated grip and feel.

5. Target Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Generation Four Darts – $242.65

Named after the famous English darts player and sixteen-time Champion of the World Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, Target’s Phil Taylor Power 9-Five’s are the fourth generation of this style.

6. Target Daytona Fire DF-11 Darts – $241.50

Another dart from Target’s Daytona Fire series, this is their model DF-11. These darts take inspiration form the design and nearly perfect form of Target’s Elysian series.

7. Target Haruki Murumatsu Rising Sun Generation Six Darts – $240.00

Named after the Japanese darts player and two-time World Champion of the same name, Target’s Haruki Murumatsu Rising Sun Generation Six darts are a spectacle.

8. Target Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Generation Two – $235.18

Phil Taylor’s Power 9-Five Generation two darts are made of 95% tungsten and include The Quattro Grip. This was Target’s latest innovation when these darts were originally released back in 2015.

9. Bottelsen Shark Skin Xtreme GT Plus Hammer Head Darts – $240.00

Manufactured by Bottelsen, the world class GT Hammer Head darts features their innovative SharkSkinsX sandpaper grip.

10. Target Raymond Van Barneveld RvB 95 Generation One Darts – $228.28

Developed for and used by five-time World Champion Raymond van Barneveld ‘RvB’, these darts were first released in 2017. They were crafted to his exact specifications, to produce ideal results for his unique throw.

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