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Is your Phone FAKE or ORIGINAL, Use these secret CODES to verify.

Mobile markets are clogged with Bogus Mobile devices and they even offer branded tags beside them as original phones.

The manufacturer of mobile phones has hidden secrets on each device, use them only when necessary and do not necessarily share them with the customers. Some of these codes are best known to enable you to confirm the originality of your mobile devices so you don't buy a fake mobile phone at the end of the day.

The replicas are available on the similar market to the original handset to check whether your handset is original or fake, and this helps you a lot in buying a used handset.

Check for an Android Phone's uniqueness.

Step 1: You can dial *#06# to get your IMEI number on your phone. You will also get it by going to Device>Settings>Status.

Step 2: Once the IMEI is received, go to, enter the box number and press Check

Step 3. The system automatically receives telephone information. If it shows anything but what your phone says, it'll probably be a fake brand.

Ways to verify an iPhone's authenticity.

As you have checked the originality of your phone in android, so can you do for iPhones

Step 1: Find the reference number of your smartphone whether on your SIM slot or via Settings>General>About

Step 2: Go to once you get it.

Step 3: Enter and verify your serial number. Step 3: Hit Continue now. If the device is fake, it will show 'invalid serial number.'

How to check Sumsung Phones' originality.

1. Go to dialer #786# 1. 1.

2. You get two command buttons, one reads "view," the other reads "reset." 2.

3.Click "View" 3. Your screen will be filled with your phone information.

4.Look at where "reconditioned status" is written When it says NO, it's new to the phone.

Other Sumsung Phone Codes.

* Software Checker for SameSung Phone: *#9999# or *#0837#

* Samsung Sim Lock Information:*0324#

* Contrast Adjustment Code: #0523#

* Checker Code of Memory Information For Samsung: *0377#

* Samsung Memory Reset Code Or *2767*3855#

* Samsung Battery Checker Condition: *998*228# Checker:

* Beep For Samsung alarm: *998*289#

Samsung's vibra trial: * #9987*842#

Physical quality control.

At first glance, a fake phone may appear the same as a genuine model. If you compare more closely, you can identify some obvious differences between a genuine and a fake such as the colour, button location, size or brand name spelling. Some fakes are less apparent. Counterfeiters can imitate design details to minute details making it hard to tell whether a phone is genuine. If you can see the product on your own, it is possible that the weight, the size of the screen, the location of the buttons and the battery, printing quality, paint finishing, added and missing functions, quality controls and holograms and an overall lack of quality are different. Color availability, memory capacity, camera megapixels, screen quality and operating system may also be different for fake phones. To ensure that the phone is genuine, it is important to compare technical features.

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