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Don't View These 27 Funny Pictures If You Can't Hold Your Breath.

I went to the amusing supermarket and noticed a man staring at me; the man's amusing demeanor irritated me, so I wondered what was wrong with him; is this the first time he's seen someone take a bottle of coke from a supermarket shelf, open it, sip it, and return it to the shelf; the man should have stopped staring.

Strange things can happen with MTN in South Africa. One of the unusual things that might happen with MTN is that even if you set your phone on flight mode before going to bed, MTN will still take money from your account. MTN will remove money from your account to charge you for using your phone's flight mode, which they believe is a real flight.

If some of my friends see me in heaven, they'll wonder how I got there; they'll think I hacked into heaven's computer and edited my name onto the list of those who will make it there.

Note: I mentioned in the headline of the amusing article that you shouldn't watch it if you can't hold your breath. What I mean is that you should suppress your laughter since it might annoy someone nearby......

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