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WhatsApp to end support and services for the following phones by 2022

WhatsApp Inc send a strong message to people who are still stuck with very old models of phones.

We believe that you may have just heard this rumor and we can confirm that it is indeed true and WhatsApp is building a new WhatsApp meta which is going to be more advanced and can't work on certain phones.

It is believed that WhatsApp is planning on bringing to an end a support for a number of smartphone phones and cellphone devices which includes the old Samsung and outdated iPhones and old Android handsets.

WhatsApp haven't yet came forward with a clear list of phones that are going to be off from WhatsApp come 2022.

WhatsApp reveled that phones that are running using the 4.1 version of Android and the latest version might continue to enjoy the WhatsApp service without any problems.

However a lot of iPhones using the iOS ten going upwards will still be supported by the WhatsApp, should ou experience some glinches on the new updated version of of WhatsApp you are advised to restart your phone and save your chat history.

WhatsApp says Apple phones starting form i5 going straight up to 10 is still supported, so when you still have one of the following models you should be fine and there's no need to panic.

But if you have anything older to that then forget about staying active on WhatsApp in 202.

Content created and supplied by: Cleon (via Opera News )

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