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Content will be the end of social media people, see what she posted about her mother’s death

Content will be the end of social media influencer since they do not have anything to post, this is such a disgrace, How can you post someone who is sleeping on a bed and who passed away,? Even the culture doesn’t agree with this.

This just mean that people could do anything for money and also for likes on social media media, which is not fair because even if she wasn’t dead who knows that she could have done because of content only, This thing shouldn’t be a content if people wants to do content they should dance make funny videos not playing with something important like this.

So many people called this a madness how can you post a deceased person?, while she is dead and lying on bed, what has happened to the dignity we had, the respected we showed to our adults and old ones, No more such things. But this could be a content posting someone who is dead is not having respect nor Consciousness.


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