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"I need a plastic sleeve for my green book ID" man leaves Twitter in stitches

"I need a plastic sleeve for my green book ID" man leaves Twitter in stitches

While you're here, please follow me!

When it was announced that the Green book ID would be replaced by the smart card ID, a few people vowed that the only way they would use the smart card is if soldiers were deployed and threatened their citizenship!

A man on the TL has taken tweeps down memory lane by asking for a plastic sleeve plug for his green book ID. The comments on the post were so hilarious that he was deemed as the standard of stubborn by some and a legend by fellow green-book ID holders.

Other tweeps confirmed to being as reluctant as he is to transition to a smart card ID. They used the post to also ask for ways to keep their green books looking as young as they are, while others admitted to moving to the smart card because the book has torn!

I think it's funny how so many people have also admitted to not wanting to let go of their green books. The fact that they were also suggesting ways to keep the green book intact is quite hilarious. You would expect that the comments encourages him to let go of the book but instead it exposed so many other green bookers who will do anything to keep their green books!

Yours looks better 🤣 i had to go get a smart card

If stubborn was a person 🤣🤣🤣 @MathePinky

Go to home affairs office. Still have some in stock since most people use smart cards @tshepojane

Plug me as well,my current one is in a critical but stable condition

I also have an old ID Yooo I don't have time to stand on the queue at home affairs for the whole day 😔😔😔 @ntokomduna

Go to the South African Hawkers in the CBD. They have such sleeves. Protect the green book at all cost

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