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Twitter reacts after another picture a brand new car that got burned surface social media

Twitter reacts after another picture of a brand new car that got burned surface social media. Last week the video of an angry lady insulting whoever burned her brand new car out of jealousy broke the Internet, and that video left so many people heartbroken. Now, the picture of yet another brand new car, and a house that got burned left people shattered again.

The majority of people believe that this is the result of an increase in witchcraft and jealousy "Jealousy and witchcraft Chas increased" said a famous social media influencer, Daniel. people rushed into the comment section and the majority of these people were thinking commonly; they were saying this act is just a result of pure jealousy.

People were so convinced that jealousy is the only thing that can make a person burn someone's brand-new car "This is jealousy nothing else" said a Twitter user. "Which province is this burning people's car?? This is jealousy on another level" said another Twitter user who believes that this has to do with jealousy.

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