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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Phone Faster

Does your high-end smartphone still lag sometimes? Is your phone sluggish when using multimedia features like the internet? If this is the case, you need to be aware that your phone may be sensing an anomaly of which you are unaware.

In this piece, we'll look at a few methods for making this more typical. Find them down here.

1. Turn off or delete programs you seldom use.

Inactive programs still use up some of the available RAM on your computer's hard drive. Disabling or removing a rarely used app from your phone is a good idea when you have it installed. It's done so since it's inefficient for the software to use your computer's resources when they're not needed.

2. Don't use all of your storage space, but use a fair amount.

Reserve a sizable portion of your phone's storage for apps that are constantly in the background to ensure smooth operation no matter how much data you intend to save. It is highly recommended that you keep at least 5 GB of storage space available, since this is what I will suggest. The likelihood of encountering a lag in your operating system increases as memory usage increases.

3. Regularly delete your apps cache and data.

When you use an app, especially a web browser, it saves some additional data to your phone's storage, known as a cache. This information typically includes logs, website images and logos, and other non-essential details. If you don't regularly clear them out, they can quickly fill up your phone's storage space.

4. Exit all applications when finished using them.

Most people have a bad habit of not properly closing apps or games, which can lead to a significant drain on the phone's battery and other resources. There is a finite amount of memory (RAM) on your phone that is dedicated to operating software; if you have a lot of apps open, your phone will slow down or stop working altogether.

5. Disable or reduce moving wallpaper.

It is also possible to reduce the load time of your smartphone by disabling any animated wallpapers or widgets. Even when your phone is in a sleep mode, animations continue to use up RAM. Background tasks like these will drain your battery quickly and render your device unusable during the day, especially if you have a low-end smartphone.

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