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Opinion: there are lot of people pretending on social media

There is usually lot of pretending on the socials with users claiming to support things that they do not in reality, these might not just be on political movements as we often see that massive presence on social media does not necessarily means massive potential votes, but the pretence is potentially involved in other types of things such as weight issues, mental health issues, treatment of broke people and skin colour. Popular Facebook user Thokozani Vilakazi weight his thoughts on this. " In reality people will tell a broke person that real men are working" he proceeded to write that "in reality people will tell a mental health struggler that they are mad". Even if these are not said directly to that particular person they might get said behind their backs

The plausible possible reasons that such pretence is shown could be because of wanting to be seen as a decent person, getting likes, getting that influencer status or perhaps to avoid cancel culture. It should be noted that not everyone is pretending.

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Thokozani Vilakazi


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