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Corona Tool Kit: 10 Things That Can Protect You From Deadly Viruses

Corona Tool Kit: Today we are going to tell you what things you need to keep in your house during this Corona Tool Kit. We are going to tell you about a Corona Tool Kit. This tool kit includes 10 things that will be very helpful in protecting you from this virus.

We are giving full information about Corona's toolkit, which is very important to have in your house. As we have already mentioned, 10 things are included inside the Corona Tool Kit. So what are these 10 special things to know about them.

1) There should be a temperature monitor inside every house. It is used to check for fever. Thermometer is most important to check body temperature. If you have not yet kept a thermometer in your house, you should buy it today and bring it home.

2) Another important thing is Pulse Oximeter, it is also very important to be in the house. It is a small biscuit-sized machine that checks your body's oxygen level. With this, you can easily check the oxygen level of your body right from home. According to doctors, the oxygen level of a normal person's body is only between 94 and 100. If this oxygen level is below 94, you should contact a doctor.

3) The third thing is steamer, it is also very important to be in the house. The steamer is used to take steam. If you take steam through steam, then you get relief in the difficulty and trouble in breathing.

4) Paracetamol tablet is the fourth item of the tool kit, paracetamol tablet is a medicine to be taken at the time of fever.

5) Talking about the fifth thing, it is necessary to have Anti Acid Tablet in everyone's home. Antacid tablets are used for the prevention of acidity problems and flatulence.

6) The sixth item in the tool kit is anti-allergic medicine. This medicine is taken in allergy related problems. You can also consult a doctor before taking it.

7) The seventh thing in the tool kit is a thermal flask. It is used for hot water. In the current situation, to prevent corona, doctors recommend that you drink as much hot water as possible. In such a situation, it is necessary to have a thermal flask in your house.

8) Talking about the eighth thing, having an immunity booster. It is very important to have any immunity booster in your house, if you want, you can make an immunity booster at home like a decoction. To make the decoction, you will need basil, cardamom, turmeric, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and dry grapes at home. By mixing all these, you can make a homely and powerful immunity booster decoction.

9) The ninth thing in the toolkit is turmeric milk. If you drink a glass of turmeric milk regularly every day, then it strengthens your immune system.

10) The tenth thing in the tool kit is the stretch band. Due to having a stretch band at home, you can easily do many types of exercises at home.

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