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Social media in the modern day.

“Social media can be described as the collection of online platforms that involve sharing and collaborating with an online community by posting, commenting, and interacting with one another.”

Does social media make you lonely? - Harvard Health

The manner in which people throughout the world communicate has significantly transformed due to the existence of social media, with the rapid flow of information, that has made the world seem smaller. Prior to the full-blown existence of social media, people had tremendously limited means of communication, to an extent that they were limited to people they only had personal interactions with. Social media has currently made it possible for us to interact with the vast majority of people globally, hence some people have thousands of followers/friends on platforms such as, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.  

Social media has grown into being the most prevalent approach to communication utilized by individuals, companies, brands, as well as educational institutions. It has enabled us the opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions with a large number of audiences, but it has also contributed to the complete inability of people to hold meaningful conversations in person, because of the social media dependency. We often feel the need to share and have also developed the obsession of constantly checking our smartphones for latest updates because of the sense of urgency that social media brings. 

The 5 Types of Social Media and Pros & Cons of Each

As much as social media has its advantages in terms of, advertising(where your ad can go viral within a few minutes), educational content(people can learn in remote places), creating a fanbase(both national and international) etc. it also has its own detrimental disadvantages such as, posting inappropriate content, gossip, cyberbullying, to name a few. In light of all the above, there are a few careers related to social media, such as, content creating(such as in YouTube), social media influencer, strategist, analyst, digital marketing and specialists.

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