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An SA Woman bought a Laptop from Cash Crusader's, here is what happened to it. Opinion.

There is a lot of unemployment and poverty in South Africa, because of this money is hard to come by, So when most people want to buy something they don't buy it new but instead second hand. Unfortunately there is a danger to this, one South African woman found that out when she bought a Laptop from Cash Crusader's. Here's what happened to it.

Her experience :

The woman posted her experience to social media site Facebook via "The Real Hello Peter South Africa" page. She explains that she bought the laptop at a Ballito Branch of Cash crusaders on the eleventh of last month for her son.

Her son returned home from school on the twentieth of that month and a few days later, when he was using the laptop, part of it opened up. She had paid R3500 for the laptop when she bought it, so of course she took it back, but when she did all they told her was that it wasn't that way when they sold it to her. An IT guy than told her there was something wrong with the mechanism.

My Opinion :

Unfortunately a lot of people find themselves in this situation, buying a second hand item from a store and the store not helping them when something happens to it. Which is why I would like to urge South Africans to not buy second hand items and instead wait until they can afford a new one.

If you have to buy a second hand item, make sure that you buy it from a store that you can return it too if you find something wrong later on, and that they give you papers that state that.

What do you think of this situation and what would you do, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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