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Very funny memes to share with friends.

An internet meme, more commonly known as a meme is an idea, behaviour or style that is spread through the internet, most often through social media platforms, especially for humorous purposes. Internet memes are considered a part of internet culture. They can spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email or news sources. There are two central attributes of internet memes. Creative reproduction of materials and intertextualiy. Creative reproduction refers to " parodies, remixs or mashups" the spread of internet memes has been described as ocurring through two mechanisms. Mimicry and remix. Remix occurs when the orginal meme is altered in some way, while mimicry occurs when the meme is recreated in a different fashion as the orginal.

Below you will find funny meme's to share with friends if you want to make them laugh. Comment and share. Which of these meme's did you find the funniest.

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