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Must get : A smartphone that almost everyone is talking about. It takes only 10 minutes to do this

Smartphones have made many people's lives a little bit easier. When they feel like grabbing something to eat they just order online and the next thing the delivery man comes knocking at their doors. Most people no longer have time to stand in long queues when they go shopping. They just load data on their smartphones, log in to their online clothing stores' apps or website and start ordering the clothing items they want.

Since so many people are always on social media, when their smartphones run out of batteries they feel like they are losing a lot in terms of content. Delightfully, there is a new smartphone that almost everyone is talking about and the name of the smartphone they seem pleased about is Honor X7. Apparently, Honor X7 takes only 10 minutes to charge to 50%. Besides, many people who live in the rural area with no access to constant power will prefer a phone with long lasting battery.

Typically, a modern phone battery’s (lithium-ion) lifespan is 2 - 3 years, which is about 300 - 500 charge cycles as rated by manufacturers. After that, the battery capacity will drop by roughly 20%.

But does yours seem to get shorter way earlier? If yes, then perhaps your charging habit all through the years has been silently wrecking your phone’s battery health

How often you charge will affect the battery life, for better or worse. In short, the more often you top up your battery, the better. To really minimize battery degradation, top up for every 10% drop in battery level. And keep your battery level as close to the middle (50%) as possible.

If your phone battery doesn't last long, the primary things you should watch out is how you utilize your device, how you charge it, and which/how many apps you have. Some of these reasons may sound a tad too clinch, but more often than not, they are the culprits - especially when your device is not too old.

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