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Twitter implements new policy - read on.

Twitter implements new policy - read on.

Undoubtedly, Twitter is one of those platforms that afford people the opportunity to be fully expressive of their thoughts, opinions, feelings, stances and experiences. For years, it has become one of those super engaging social media applications, wherby people are able to connect digitally from all around the world.

One of the most beneficial things about it may be its informative and productive nature. Twitter has the ability to inform, educate, warn and produce old content that can fit current situations and contexts. Also, it can be very good to keep track of a person's growth in how they say things and conduct themselves over the years online.

Twitter can also be a social tool for change, people can use it to initiate very influential campaigns againts social issues such as GBV, crime and drug addiction. However, campaigns can also be created under the "cancel culture", this happens when a prominent or popular individual is publicly punished for something. This culture can totally ruin a career.

It is debatable that Twitter does more good than bad for the world. Each and every second, people's lives are ruined because of this application. It is like a magnet for attracting problems and sadness. To avoid this, some popular people do not engage in this social media platform, simply because their own words can be twisted and turned, ruining their entire lives.

The good side of it may be that it has the ability to keep track of the latest trends around the world. What is happening, where it is happening, why is it happening and who is involved.

The coolest feature of this application would be the usage of "memes". This is because images have the ability to send messages faster than words. But, the bad news is that they are being banned from Twitter. This is according to the new Twitter policy.

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