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WATCH | SA is days away from a National Shutdown [VIDEO]

Are there times when you don't want to view a tiny bit of video content? It's an innovative take on material consumption that's not only fresh but also exciting and original. Like you, we appreciate being well-informed, so we try to consume as much news as we can. However, given our hectic schedules, we count it as a win if we can get a sense of what's going on in a short amount of time. We're very proud of the section titled "Watch the News in a Moment," and we're confident that you'll like it as much as we do. 

Visiting The South African's channel on YouTube is as easy as clicking a link, in case you were debating whether or not to do so. Or, if you're happy getting your daily quota right here, then there's no reason to keep looking... All the videos you're after are right here, coupled with a summarized, pictorial rundown of all the news you need to know to stay current. Come on in and take a look around; we have something for everyone, from a man who rides shotgun in a truck to the latest in politics, sports, and the arts.


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