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She bought an iPhone 11 for R2500 on Facebook marketplace but this is what she received

iPhones are very expensive and one could find themselves spending well beyond their budget when trying to buy this phone, it is a bit pricier than most Sumsang or Huawei smartphones that are available on the market today.

One thing that most people do is try to buy used iPhones on sites such as Facebook Marketplace and from pawn shops.

One thing about Facebook Marketplace is that some people post products there to try and get some quick cash, in other ways, they try to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Recently, a young lady on Facebook posted her experience with Facebook Marketplace scammers. The young lady posted chats talking to someone about buying iPhone 11 which was going for R2 500.

To be honest the price of that iPhone should have been a red flag, as a used iPhone 11 would typically go for more than R8 000.

Despite the price being a little fishy, the young lady continued to talk to the guy about the delivery of the phone, and in the chats, the scammer can be seen telling her that he has delivered the package using Paxi.

Other chats show the young lady holding receipts that show that she has transferred the money to the scammer.

As we continue to read, it seems the package finally arrives, and when she opened it she found iron in the package and the iPhone 11 that she had just paid the man for was not in the box along with the iron.

In the other chats, she can be seen asking him about the iron but he just says that he sent an iPhone and not an iron, he even offers to send her back the money if she sends back the iPhone, showing very well that he scammed her out of her money.

This shows that we need to be very careful with who we do business, as some people only want your money and aren't willing to go through with a transaction.

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