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Beware: These WhatsApp messages can now land you in jail in SA

The Cybercrimes Act 19 of 2020 has been endorsed by President Cyril Ramaphosa and will come into power on 1 December 2021. This implies that specific WhatsApp messages could see an individual detained or face a fine. 


Beware: These WhatsApp messages can now land you in jail in SA (

You can be detained for sending these WhatsApp messages in SA 

As per MyBroadband, who refered to Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions, the Act and arrangements on "malignant interchanges" will condemn the sending of particular sorts of hurtful messages via online media in South Africa. 

The Cybercrimes Act characterizes three kinds of hurtful messages that have been condemned in South Africa. They are messages which: 

Instigate harm to property or savagery. 

Compromise individuals with harm to property or savagery. 

Unlawfully contain a cozy picture. 

Punishments for sending such messages, hence, incorporate detainment for as long as three years as well as a fine. 

The Cybercrimes Act 

The Act likewise incorporates definitions for digital misrepresentation, fabrication, coercion, and burglary of ethereal property. 

The unlawful and purposeful access of a PC framework or PC information stockpiling medium is additionally viewed as an offense, alongside the unlawful capture of, or obstruction with information. 

As well as characterizing explicit cybercrimes, the Act likewise puts a few commitments on organizations, for example, network administrators, Internet specialist co-ops, and monetary foundations. 

Announcing digital offenses in SA 

The Act specifies that electronic correspondences specialist organizations and monetary establishments should report digital offenses immediately and, where possible, inside 72 hours of becoming mindful of them. Assuming that they neglect to do as such, it might prompt a fine of us much as R50 000. 

In any case, this particular piece of the new law – Chapter 8: Reporting commitments and limit building, Section 54 – is avoided from the president's announcement. 

You can see each of the subtleties here.

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