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Telkom users are not happy after what this guy shared on social media read comments

Telkom SA SOC Limited is a South African wireline and wireless telecommunications m provider, operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent. Telkom is the majority- privatized with it being 39% state-owned enterprise.

Data and airtime are very expensive and without those two things, it's hard to communicate with loved ones, while on the other side they are making it simple for one to connect with their loved ones. But with data and airtime being this expensive it's hard to stay connected, I guess the only connection one will have in this situation is receiving calls rather than making them.

But there is this network that people decided to switch to which is Telkom as it's alleged that it's a bit cheap and affordable, but It seems like the tables have turned as it seems like even that network is now expensive.

Someone took to their social media and shared how much is Telkom charging him, since a lot of people switched to Telkom because it's reasonable, now they are complaining saying it's expensive.

And it seems like he's not alone, but there are a lot more people who are also complaining about it, It's alleged that the more you load airtime the more your data offer goes up. So it's alleged that the only way to get your data is not to go up, whenever you load your airtime doesn't load a lot of money.

This is what you can do if you have R20 airtime load R10 R10 dont load R20 all at once that's how you can get your data to go down because now cas too much.

Looking at the comments In my opinion, it looks likes Telkom is giving people a cheaper offer so that they can use it, and when they are already using it, it goes up and it becomes expensive, and they know that it won't be easy for someone to switch to another network just like that.

And the other thing is whenever you load airtime you get the amount of money you load with for free, those are some of the advantages that will make people to stay, but besides that they are not happy at all.

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