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CV Writing Techniques

I'm sure you might have tried applying online and got an instant rejection (even when you were qualifying for that particular position). In this article we'll explain the reason behind that and give you some pointers on how you can improve your CV.

Use the right font and size

Your CV has to be readable and clear. Randomly selecting fonts that are for creatives is not gonna make it standout, instead it's going to put you at the risk of being rejected. Use Ariel, Helvetica - fonts which are readable and professional.

Consistent Structure

We are visual beings, if your CV consists of many mishaps make sure to eliminate them before sending out your CV. The font and font size you're using must be consistent throughout your CV. It must be an easy to read font.

Include all the relevant information

When selecting candidates for call backs they use your CV to see whether you have all the right traits and experience required for the post in subject. Make sure to include your previous working experience, skills and abilities and any references if you have one. Emphasize those points as much as you can,, let it be known that you are the right person for the job.

Be aware of ATS

ATS stands for automatic tracking system. Many companies have invested in this sofware to narrow down the number of people applying for a post to a particular criteria. Information which is included in the advertisement must be used to bypass this sofware. Study the post closely and take note of the following:

>Job description

>Qualifications and experiences

>Interpersonal traits


What are you looking for exactly? You are looking for the keywords. These keywords must be included in your CV because if the ATS doesn't find them when conducting a scan, it will reject you immediately. You are deemed as unqualified even if you do qualify fo the job.

Use Apps

There are a lot of apps on Google play store which have been made to simplify the process of writing and editing your CV. Find one which have all the good features and functionalities for you and download it.

Final thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this article and found it very helpful. For more informative and entertaining articles make sure to follow us and never miss out when they drop!

Content created and supplied by: ShakersAndMovers (via Opera News )

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