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Here's Why You've Never Won The Lottery And What You Need To Change

Winning the lottery is everyone's dream , some winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot could be a life changer, but some have been playing for years and have never won not even one single time

Winning the lottery is said to be completely out of chance, and literally no list of numbers that can guarantee a win even those from scammers , some have said to have dreamt the lottery numbers and have won afterwards while some just randomly picked then boom they won

Each year they are most played numbers but some times maybe consistency is key, if the random picking never worked out for you then you need to be consistent, it's said that you might have a 50% chance of winning if you bet the same numbers for a whole year and every time your bet might be sooner or later but if you bet the same without numbers without changing

Or you can check out the numbers that are drawn the most and try them in your selection rather than the least drawn , before choosing the ultimate set of numbers , if you want to be on the safe side bet two times one with the consistence numbers all the time and one with different sets of numbers

See our luck differs, some win on the first attempt , some need time or different numbers some need to be consistence, I've heard some said numbers that they bet few months ago won on a different time and its not really a pleasant thing to experience

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