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These Devices and Inventions were first created and made by South Africans

South Africa is a country with the potential of becoming very great and compete with other great nations around the globe, the potentiality of this country can be seen in the great and amazing skills and creativity of it's citizens.

The country has the potential to be amongst one of the developed countries, I believe South Africa has all the necessities to be amongst developed country, the country and the people are only disadvantaged by their own very corrupt government, who used and mismanaged states funds and resources so much that it's well and famous all over the globe for being utterly corrupt.

But if the government can pay greater attention to the development of the skills of it's own citizens, the country would be far by now. But enough about politics and the hypocrisy of politicians.

The focus of this article is to list of the great inventions and innovations by South Africa that demonstrate capabilities of greatness of this beautiful land.

Here is a list of some of the Great inventions and innovation that were created by South Africans and with South Africans

CT scan or CAT was invented Allan Macleod Cormack in 1963. It's an device that doctors use to see inside the body, bones, soft tissues. It uses X-ray but provides more details than X-ray alone.

Ubuntu Computer operating system was released by mark shuttle worth I the year 2005

The world's first computerized ticket system Computicket was founded by Percy turker in the year 1971

A Speed Gun 

The special device that can measure the speed of cricket ball was invented by Henri Johnson.

Amoils Cryo pencil 

it's a world first surgical device that uses an extreme cold to destroy unwanted tissues. It was unveiled by Dr Selling Percy Amoils in 1965 and it is used in Opthalmology, cryosurgery, gynecology.

= Q20

Before Q20 there was no product that could repell water, to free rusted or siezed nuts and bolts to release. It was invented by Mr Robertson in 1950. It's a multi purpose lubricant: protects, stops rust, lubricates, and displaces moistures.

= Shark shield 

its an electronic device that repel shark, it's used when surfing, scuba diving, fishing. it works by emitting electromagnetic field, it was invented by the year 1995.

= Oil can guitar 

It was invented by Greame well in 2001.

There are a lot other inventions by South Africans:

Cyber tracker - invented in 1997

hippo water roller - invented in 1997

Blaster - invented in 1998

Safety syringe - invented in 1999

Cobb grill- charcoal briquette stove, invented in 2001.

Amouriguard- paint fillers made of recycled industrial waste.

Vuvuzela made by Freddie maake in 1965.

Diamond vitrectony cutter in 1970.

Prepay by telecoms company vodacom that allow debit customers accounts, it was invented in 1996..etc

As you can see, all of this are just some of the creations, inventions and innovations by South Africans or that involved South Africans. This demonstrate the ingenuity, skills, creativity and abilities of the people in the southeren tip of the continent of Africa.

Some inventions did not involve or was not made by South Africans alone but was a result of a working together, an example is that of a CT scan, it was invented by South African Physicist Allan Cormack but together with a british Engineer Godfrey Hounsfield.

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