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The Los Angeles trend is taking on.

It is pretty apparent these days that people are doing things for social media. So many People have been caught in their owns lies so many times on social media, but why do people keep lying on social media? Well the answer is simple, they lie to get more followers and to be viewed a certain way buy their followers and other people in general. It is really sad to see that the world is full of people who care more about impressing others than really living a much complete and happier life that.

Well a young lady has sparked a social media trend by lying on an Instagram post. The young lady lied about her location, she posted a photo of herself in a building and added the location that specified or implied that she is in Los Angeles California, but people caught her in her own lie as they discovered something in the background that just doesn't belong in California or anywhere in the united states. People spotted a Siyaya, which is a minibus vehicle that can be found in South Africa and is used as public transportation.

Ever since her post, memes and jokes have been coming out about the Los Angeles California post that she made. As we all know that things do not take time to trend in South Africa, it really did not take her post time until she was all over social media, with people making memes and posts about her post and how she lied, basically she was caught in her own lies.

Without even noticing or knowing she created a social media trend that a lot of people have gotten involved in. While this is all funny, it shows us how people are willing to lie for popularity and fake lifestyles that they do not even have.

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