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Apple Phone Saves a Man’s Life


The technology is taking over our everyday jobs in general, often when a new invention is invented, people who are working tend to complain as they know they might loose their jobs few years to come . Unfortunately they turn a blind eye on how this technology is making our everyday life and easy one .

It was reported that a guy by the name Max Mgidi almost lost his life after a shootout happened. It is said the shooting happened at night and he was just at the wrong location at the wrong time , but what saved him shocked Mzansi even now . 

Max was on a phone call when the shootout happened, the bullet missed the person it was suppose to go to and went straight to his head , as he was on the phone, the bullet came through his ear side and hit the Phone and that is how he was saved. It is said the bullet could t go through into his skin. 

One person on comment sections said “75 out of the 118 known elements are used to make up an iPhone, majority of those elements are metals which include titanium, iron, and aluminum”. Although other people are saying it’s God who saved him, others seems to disagree and are saying that an IPhone did wonders . 

Another guy on the comment section shared that The very same incident happened where another guy was saved . Apparently, when his smart watch recorded unusual heartbeat, it automatically connected with the phone, so the phone sent an sos to one of the family members and emergency numbers. 

This gave everyone an impression that an IPhone is the good to go Phone when you are searching for a phone . Although it is expensive, you can imagine home many lives it can save . 

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