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If Your Phone Gets Stolen Don’t Panic, Do These 4 Things Immediately Before It Is Too Late

Before it's too late, make sure you do the following if your phone is stolen:

When you lose your phone, here are few things you should do right away.

Losing a phone is traumatic because it contains all of your personal information, as well as your sim card numbers and other vital information. If specific measures are not done, such as transferring money and linking out your concealed personal details, fraudulent crimes may be committed using someone else's money.

If my phone were taken, I'd tell you about the first four things you should do.

To begin, contact your network provider and request that your sim card be blocked. Fraudsters would be unable to access your money if sim cards were blocked.

Call your bank account manager and ask them to block your bank account and bank account information as the next step. Blocking a bank account would stop fraudsters in their tracks and keep them off the phone.

The third and final step is to jot down your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Bring your phone's IMEI number to the police station so that the phone may be tracked easily.

Stop using the sim card as the final step in preventing the person who took your phone from taking your money.

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