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Look what happened to a Lady's hand after she tried plugging a Phone charger she bought online

In the modern world, it has somewhat become fashionable for many people to buy things online. However, there are many advantages of buying things online. And on the same hand, there are some disadvantages that comes with buying things online. Sometimes people don't get what they ordered online. While some other times, people do get the best of what they have ordered online.

However, it would seem one lady on Twitter didn't get what she ordered, because her hand got electrocuted while she tried plugging phone charge she bought online.

According to the lady's tweet, while she was trying to plug a phone charge she bought online, her hand got electrocuted. And the lady has indicated that her arm became numb after the incident. Apparently the lady's hair stood up as she experienced the electrocution.

The lady shared her hand on her Twitter account. And her hand can be seen with dark spots.

In her own words, the lady said

"My hand got electrocuted while I was trying to plug my phone charger, which i bought online.And my whole arm is numb and my hair wow I have no words my hair stood up"

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