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If You're Having Problems Updating Your Details For SRD Grant: Here's What You Must Do.

If you are having problems updating with updating your details for the application of your R350 grant,you must do the following.

Few days ago SASSA asked you to reconfirm to be in their system,but many people have been having problems updating their details or reconfirming.

Also have noticed that their sites has not been working on your phone, which is why you must use a different phone. You can borrow your friend's phone and update your details and reconfirm,so that they will consider you for their next payment.

After updating your details and reconfirming,you will notice that the month of July will start pending,just like April and May and all you have to do after that is to wait for their approval.

We all need the money,we just have to wait patiently for their approval.

Thank you,please share this post for awareness. Many people have been complaining that their site is down but it works on other phones.

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