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Get rid of dull face with these funny memes

The iPhone 6 I bought from a Chinese shop charged up to 103% then it switched itself off... and restarted with a Samsung logo. Please help me My name is beauty, I'm 36 years, single, ready to settle. Looking for a tall, dark, handsome and financially stable guy. I'm serious ooo.We all make mistakes but not having 4 kids with different father's When you are sitting close to your crush in church then your mom walk up to you and gives you R50 for offering Someone mistakenly called my number thinking I'm her boss, asking for 3 days leave so I gave her 2 weeks

Gun on your head we dare you to mention your crush, if you die you die.

Mention your crush I was saying when I grow up I will become a footballer, but after seeing this picture I'm now a Jehovah witness.

When you are fighting with your brother and suddenly mom arrives

After half an hour trying to figure out this crazy haircut, I realized it's a coconut tree behind him.

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Chinese Samsung iPhone 6


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