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Ways you can reuse an old or broken phone Part 2

The other things that you could do with an old or broken phone, If you didn't read the article of part 1 the link will be posted down below. So here are other great uses for your old phone that might be useful and even make life easier for you.

1 . Windows OS / Linux OS

Ever thought to yourself why not run windows or linux off your old device? Well you can and you can even play games of it and be productive and work with a mouse and keyboard. It is possible the only problem is that only certain games and features will be available due to the chip construction, for gaming I would not suggest it unless it is very old games and or small. The OS will put a strain on your system and slow it down. You only have to download a few apps and have quite a lot of patience. 

There are different methods of installing Windows/ Linux by rooting your device through your pc but it is much faster and easier through the applications. There is another way that is easier, better, safer and way faster way to do something similar in number 2.

Apps to use: Complete Linux installer, Linux deploy and Windows Installer

2 . Screen mirroring and remote

Mirror your pc on your phone and control it from your phone, all you need is a computer or laptop. download the application on your pc and device give remote access between the two and there you go. Your phone will act as a monitor for the pc and you can work through your phone with your computer or laptop.

Apps to use: Allcast, Your phone companion and Chrome remote desktop.

3 . Photo frame

You can easily build or buy a phone or tablet stand to turn your device into a photo frame and even to display different photos, most phones and tablets have slideshow functions in their galleries so it is unlikely that additional applications need to be downloaded. It is quite pleasant to look at and it is slowly becoming a trend to have digital photo frames and if it is a small phone why not put it on your work desk at your office to take a quick break and experience the moment that was captured in that photo

Apps to use: Fotoo and Digital Photo Frame Slideshow

4 . Car mount

This is probably my favourite idea of them all! Use it as a dedicated gps and download the whole map of your country and thus no internet will be needed, except for updating. I have a friend that took his old tablet and he built it into his car, yeap, right on top of the radio. It does look awesome of course, Unfortunately I won't be able to do that, a lot of skill and workmanship is needed to make it look good and factory installed.

5 .  Learn your Child something new

Due to the lockdown quite a lot of children are missing out on their school work. So why not put a parental guide on and download educational applications and games to help them catch up or to improve their knowledge about everything around them and so much more!

Apps to use: there is so many, You will have to play around find the one that suits your child the best.

If you missed part 1 here is the link that will take you right to it:

Content created and supplied by: KevKevKev (via Opera News )

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