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WhatsApp messages that can get you fired from your Job

Most people are not aware of this but there are a number of WhatsApp messages that can make you fired if your boss find out that you have been sending them to your colleagues or friends. In this articles am going to take you through some of the examples of message that can get you in trouble.

Sexual harassment

While most people are aware that if you harassed someone sexually its not only an offence that can make you get fired but also gets arrested. Sexual harassment comes in many forms , like sending your collegues some racy photos of your cat or cucumber.


There are many forms of shaming like body shaming , height shaming , religious shaming and all forms of shaming. If you shame your work colleague who is fatty by giving them names like baby elephant you will get fired.

Revealing company secretes

If your company entrust with data , if you share it on WhatsApp with is supposed to be your personal social media.

Sharing private information about your workmate will also get you in trouble.

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Shaming WhatsApp


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