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"If I buy an iPhone with my entire first salary, will you guys judge me?" A lady asked.

iPhone is a solid work of engineering, beautiful to behold and hold, extremely user friendly, had a huge set of apps, and most importantly cannot be infected by virus or hacked. A number of firsts are associated with the iPhone - pinch zoom, remote guard, remote lock, remote wipe, cloud enabled, etc.

Most of all, a lot of people who are into iPhones are obsessed about the camera quality and the type of pictures these phones take, it is absolutely unbelievable and this is something a lot of young ladies are looking for these days, just to create content. A lot of young people would do just about any to get their hands on such phone.

A young lady recently took to social media to to ask her followers if ever she would spend her first entire salary they wouldn't judge her, she captioned her post as she shared a beautiful picture of herself: "If I buy an iPhone with my entire first salary, will you guys judge me?". A lot of people told her that they wouldn't judge her even for a moment as she would be doing want makes her happy.

Others were thinking otherwise, what do you think of this young lady's post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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