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#DataMustFall Movement (2021 Update)

The #DataMustFall Movement dates back in 2016 when touch central brought the discrepancies of network providers data prices compared to other countries. On September 2016, TouchCentral issued out a memorandum to mobile networks that indicated that they are given 30 days to reduce their exorbitant prices. South African's join the movement, because it affected us all. 

A lot came out from this campaign, including the fact thatVodacom has never reduced their prices since the year 2013. The following year (2017) a report by EE indicated that when comparing South Africa’s data prices to other neighboring countries such as Nigerian and India ,it shows that we are being taken for a ride. But the report also highlighted that in these countries they have high population densities driving costs down because it's easier to reach more people in small areas.

On July 2017 Vodacom introduced it's out of bundle feature which prevented users airtime being used for internet access when data runs out. They also created promotional data packs that reduced the price of data by more that *30%. On August, an internal investigation on network providers was launched to determine factors such as :

>What causes the rise of data prices

>What can be done to lower them

Fast foward to 2021

Vodacom has managed to cut down their data prices by *40%. Introduced data bundles with a longer lifespan and tailor made offers to it's customers. A 1GB 30 day bundle now costs R99 (decreased from R149) 

Cell C also reduced their package offerings ever since the inception of the campaign. Their data now has a longer lifespan and users can access limited essential content for free (zero-rated). 

MTN joined the movement and drove it's data prices by *20-50% to be in accordance with the commissions findings. A 1GB bundle costed R149, now it costs R99 (30 days bundle). 

Final thoughts

In your opinion do you think this helped to reduce the costs of data prices or it didn't? I want to hear from you in the comments section below! 

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