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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quantity Over Quality

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Many people preach that you should always choose quality over quantity.

However, it all comes down to what works best for you and where you’re currently at in your life. For instance, if your goal is to become a content creator on YouTube, but you’ve never filmed or edited YouTube videos before, then going down the quantity route is your best option so you could learn and become better at the craft.

For someone who has a 9–5 job and a family, producing a ton of content might not be tangible so focusing more on quality is a better option.

From personal experience, quantity is what has led me to pivot my business in the correct direction, and it has allowed me to make more money, as well as gain an audience.

In addition to that, working hard and producing a high volume of content has also led me to create quality content because the more you do something, the better you get at it.

Researchers at HubSpot gathered blog data from 13,500+ Hubspot customers, and upon analyzing it, they concluded that in nearly every case, more monthly blog posts (more content) inherently led to higher inbound traffic.

I’m not here to say one is better than the other, but here are three reasons as to why I believe starting out with quantity is a better option.

Quantity will let you find your voice and open you to more opportunities.

Whether you’re an artist, writer, content creator, etc., increasing the amount of content you put out into the world will inevitably lead you to create more quality work as well as allow opportunities to come knocking on your door.

I’m not saying by any means to spend 12+ hours per day sitting in front of your computer uploading photos and videos; however, the more people see you and your work, the more engaged they become with you. You get stuck in their head whether they want it or not.

In December 2020, I decided to give Vlogmas a try. Essentially, it’s a YouTube thing where you upload a new video every single day. The results vary; some people gain tons of views and subscribers, others don’t. In my experience, I gained new subscribers and created content that appealed to various audiences.

When you’re on a roll with creating content, you’re forced to think outside of the box because you don’t want to repeat yourself every day. You start thinking more creatively; you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

On top of that, your consistency doesn’t go unnoticed. I uploaded content on a daily basis in December, which led me to get my first paid Instagram deal. A few days ago, I had a well-known jewelry brand reach out to me; despite having a small audience, they asked to collaborate because of my consistency.

Producing content consistently can help you not only find your voice but will create opportunities for you. Think of it this way, you might be working for free right now because you’re not monetized or your audience is minuscule, but once you get that one viral hit — people are going to start reaching out to you.

The goal is to learn how to stay consistent before the opportunities start flowing.

Quantity will lead to more motivation.

Creating more will encourage you to keep going.

Whenever I’m consistent with my work, I’m motivated to create more. It’s only when I take a step back and take a break that I struggle and feel like I’m in a creative rut.

When you’re on top of your game, you’re more inspired to keep going. You see the views increasing, so you start to think of ways to gain more. What can I produce that will help more people? What can I share that will resonate with different audiences?

When you’re not focused, and you’re yo-yoing your work, you start to lose the connection you have with it. It feels forced and inorganic. Whereas if you’re focused and consistent, putting out content regularly, you feel more and more driven to continue your journey because of what you can accomplish.

Let’s face it; you don’t feel motivated to do things when you don’t immediately see results. The quickest way to see results is by giving it your all.

Quantity will provide you with structure.

“The frequency of my work — showing up at regular intervals, without worrying about results — has actually led to better results.” — Austin Kleon.

When I first started writing, I would write 2 — maybe 3 articles per month. I spent the majority of my time thinking about writing rather than actually doing it. The same goes for my YouTube channel; I created a video every now and then in the hopes of one of them going viral.

The issue with that is despite content creation being my dream job, I was treating it like a hobby and giving it the spare hours I had in my day. I didn’t have any structure, nor did I have a plan. I would write when I felt inspired, and I would create videos when I had the time.

This led to terrible results, no financial gain, and a lot of insecurities because while I felt like the few articles and videos I created were good, they didn’t gain any traction because nobody knew who I was, and I didn’t have a backlog for people to look at to learn more about me.

At the start of 2021, I decided to start churning out more content than ever before, and I first started by creating a plan. I woke up by 5 am, honed down on my writing; I had designated days for filming and editing my videos.

Make a plan to create more content. Choose a time that you feel most comfortable, and then show up every single morning to make your magic. The more you do this, the easier it will be to fall into the routine and create the structure that you need in your life to make this work for you.

To reiterate, both quality and quantity play a massive role in any role or work that you do, but focusing on one or the other can be extremely beneficial, and identifying which one will benefit you will help immensely.

By producing more content, it will be significantly easier to find your voice and truly identify what works for you and what doesn’t.

You’ll be more encouraged throughout your journey and feel inspired to create because you’ll reach various audiences. I can’t count the number of times I felt excited to write a new article or film a new video because of the incredible results I got from the rest of my work.

Lastly, creating more content will also help you find more structure in your day-to-day life, allowing your passion to potentially become your full-time job.

It might seem daunting at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will feel and the better you’ll get.

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