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COVID_19 presents an opportunity for a better future to Online Radios in South Africa.

A lot has been said about online radios especially considering heavy data price but I want to say Online Radios stand a better chance to grow bigger after this Coronavirus pandemic disease because people now see the importance of the internet. Some newspapers have closed printing to focus online during the lockdown. 

1. I want to challenge everyone to listen to Cliff Central in order to see how this should be done, Cliff Central is not focused on music but they prioritise on quality content. Their content is better than most of mainstream radios we listen to, they invite experts to the shows and as real questions without any fear.

2. They amplify listenership with PODCASTING, they have understand that listeners do not always have data so podcasts allow them to download their favorite shows and catch up.

3. Paid podcasts for businesses, they have podcasts whereby they educate listeners about different courses, distance learning, investing and other staff. What I am trying to say is they form partnerships with businesses and create content.

4. Understand your niche. Know where do you want to focus as a station. Online Radio are not the same as mainstream radio so you must go an extra mile and be specific when you start a station. That is why we have Sports Online radios, business related radios, education and more. Without a clear target and focus area it will be difficult for your station to grow and attract advertisers. 

5. Have multiple channels to promote content, your station content should be available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch etc. This helps to make the station more visible, you also need not to forget about blogging, videos and podcasting.

6. Get original Presenters and Producers, working online needs people that are more of Content Creators than Presenters, so rather train Presenters to be original and forget about mainstream radio style. 

7. Lastly, don't sleep on the job, always be current with content and be accurate-the advantage of online radio is that there is freedom of speech and less limitations so it helps to deliver content when it happens and give the involved parties airtime to tell their story

I will stop there for today but will discuss further in future, all I want to say is have a clear plan when you want to get into the online radio business, it's not easy but it can be done.

Yours in online radio business-Mhlengi Mzelemu

Content created and supplied by: Mhlengikay1 (via Opera News )

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