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Don't Allow Kids To Do These Dangerous TikTok Challenges

TikTok is a social media platform that has gained popularity among young people and teenagers in recent times. It is used for creating, sharing and discovering short videos. It is used as an outlet among young people to express themselves through comedy, dancing, singing and lip-syncing. Videos created on this app can be shared across a community.

As with other social media platforms, TikTok also have trends and challenges. TikTok trends are how the app uses a hash tag or song to group together viral trends. TikTok trends can stay around for months unlike other social media apps.

As TikTok gains popularity among young people and teenagers, the trends of TikTok are no longer just dance moves. It has moved beyond that and has upgraded into jokes, tracks and combined video formats. TikTok provides some very creative content and most of it is harmless.

However recently there have been reports of life threatening trends and children who are exposed to these trends and decide to try them could face potential danger.

There is a challenge where teenagers challenge each other to take Benadryl (antiallergic drug) to trigger hallucinations. If taken in large doses this pill can be fatal. It has led to the death of a teenager.

The infamous Blackout challenge requires you to hold your breath until you pass out. This trend has led to the death of children and left parents panicking.

In the Cha Cha slide challenge, teenagers drive to the rhythm of the song Cha Cha slide by DJ Casper. They drive to the lyrics "slide to the left, slide to the right." And end up on the oncoming lane. This is extremely dangerous.

It is important for parents to stay up to date on what's trending on social media so that they will be able to educate their children on the dangers of the internet. And also to make sure that their children are not trying out dangerous trends.


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