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Have you ever spent time going through to contact list and realized that you actually have a great network of people you haven't used? I mean, what's the use of storing Motsepe's phone number and not use it? You're probably one of those who always attend social and business events collecting by cards.

 Let me speak to you for a minute:

So a few days ago, someone asked me how do I get all these big shots in many of the events I organize. The simple answer was "relationships", but the truth of the matter is that there's more to this than that.

At Sicelo Shongwe Development Group (Pty) Ltd, my role has always been to get all the exhibitors for the èDumbe Science Festival and èDumbe Youth Leadership Summit...With all honesty, there's nothing magical I do. Some think that I have a grace of presence (I don't even know what the heaven that means. Lol Christians and their cheesy concepts).

A friend of mine once taught me a valuable lesson which has worked for me a lot of times. He said "Scelo, if you want to get Motsepe or anyone, you need to befriend their PAs/Secretaries." My friend was spot on! You can send an email and try to call Motsepe and not get any response, but I can befriend his PA and get everything I want from him.

PAs/secretaries are the least respected people, but what we don't realize is that they control these 'important people' we want to meet. PAs/secretaries have so much power than you to. They control their calendars. They control who must meet their bosses and who shouldn't. So, invest your time creating relationships with those PAs/secretaries. They will unlock all the doors for you. They can advocate for you. Show them some respect.

If you ever find yourself in a scuffle with a PA/Secretary, please spend time mending that relationship because that can affect your relationship with their bosses.

Each day I spent an hour or two studying human behavioral patterns and how they relate to each other. This helps me to unlock my potential and align my purpose to theirs. I do encourage you to study people as I do.

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