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REVEALED|| 5 Cellphones Every South African Probably Used

To most people, whenever time someone mentions that they miss the old days, it means they live in the past, but that isn't necessarily the case, they just miss how things used to be so much easier as compared to now.

Especially when looking at the cellphone side of things, the old phones didn't chow data that much as compared to the now days. If you buy 1GB of data, it will get depleted in just one day and you'll be forced to fork out another amount. Whereas in the old days, 1GB of data will last you the whole month.

As everyone probably knows by now, a lot of time has passed since the buttom-phone days and with it, came ground breaking technological phones of today that have many great features including longer lasting batteries, more storage, water resistance ability, quality camera and so many great features.

Well things weren't always like this, things used to be different back in the days with regards to how cellphones used to look like. Cellphones didn't have lot of features, they were more about practicality of a phone, just calling & sending a massage and that was it.

Most of the cellphones didn't have internet, most of the phones didn't have games, most of the phones didn't have much storage and many more features that weren't included in the phones but at that time, it didn't really matter that much.

Now without any further ado, let's checkout the phones every 90s kid probably owned before touchscreens came by:

Nokia 3310

Nokia 1100

Nokia 5130 Express Music

Samsung E250

Nokia Asha

As y'all can see, most of these phones were Nokia's and that's because it used to be Theee phone but sadly, it didn't adapt well to the new environment and competition surpassed it.


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