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Never forget these things while charging the phone

 Nowadays smartphone has become one of the important needs of the people. Without a smartphone, people have neither morning nor night. Some people also have such a habit that they always keep their smartphone connected to the computer. By doing this, the possibility of getting a virus in your smartphone increases further. Along with this, the battery of your smartphone also gets spoiled.

 There are many such things on which we should pay attention for the safety and better performance of the smartphone. For example, after charging the smartphone, it should be removed from charging immediately. If you do not do this, soon problems related to heating start coming in the phone. So let us tell you what things you should keep in mind while charging -

 First of all, many people have a habit of sleeping at night by putting the phone on charge, which is very wrong. Charging the phone for an excessive amount of time can prove to be harmful for the battery. However, nowadays the charging stops automatically when the phone's battery is full. In that case there is no problem.

 At the same time, many people charge the phone only when the phone's full battery is low, while doing so is wrong. Actually, the lithium-ion battery given in the phone should not be allowed to reach zero. In such a situation, you should not wait for the phone to discharge.

 After using any app on the phone, you should close that app, because these apps keep running in the background and also cause the consumption of the phone's battery.

 Apart from this, many people keep using the phone even while charging the phone, it is also wrong to do so. Actually, the power of the phone is different during charging. In such a situation, you should not use it and let the phone charge fast.

 Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid using the railway station, airport or any public charging port to charge the phone. With this, there are many chances of your data going to hackers.

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