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Was itThe Iphone Or God that Saved Max Mgadi:See the Discussion that Caused Havoc On Twitter


Businessman Max the owner of Max Lifestyle is currently fighting for his life in hospital after an attenpted assassination on him. .It is said that two men approached him and shot at him .Max was on the phone at the time and fortunately the bullet hit his phone and failed to go through to his head.

People are impressed at how the iphone is bullet proof and was able to prevent the bullet from going through to the head and saved Max's life .An iphone has many qualities but being bullet proof we were not aware of it .

Apparently if you have own an apple smart watch it can detect when u not feeling well through your heartbeat and temperature and quickly send an SOS to an emergency services or an emergency contact on your phone .All along we thought the iphone especially the 12 and 13 is just an overpriced phone with a good camera but now we understand that the phone does more than just take orange pictures.

However as much as many people were relieved that Max did not die.Many people were now arguing about what really saved Max life .Was it the phone or the God that saved his life .People who dont know how God works have a hard time understanding how God works so thats why they will say the phone saved Max.If the phone never rang that exact instant Max will be dead , but thats another conversation for another day.So its best we leave that conversation alone .

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