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The Best Marketing Moves Ever

The top companies in the world are doing the most. We will look at brilliant and incredible marketing ideas that the top companies use to stay ahead.

BBC Dracula

Image credit : / Instagram

BBC Dracula really created the best marketing of the century. They created a billboard in the middle of a township where in daylight it looks like a boring billboard but at night it looks scary and life like.


Image credit : / Instagram

This really blew our minds and the creativity is out of this world, McDonald's really out did themselves here. The sun's light creates a shadow on each meal that correspnds to the time of day you would eat the meal. The iteams start from 8 to 11.

Watch, Zoo, McDonald's and KitKat.

Image credit : / Instagram

Which marketing idea killed it? We think the Zoo marketing idea rose above the rest, reasons being? If you saw it on a digital device, you can think it's some kind of Photoshop made to fool you but if you saw it personally, it will blow you mind, it's like a real life snake wrapping itself around the bus. Congratulations to all the other marketing ideas and the watch idea really send some head waves.

Image credit : / Instagram

Attention all business owners, try this special made marketing idea because if the government can do it then do it yourself. If you know any friend with a business here is a cool marketing idea to use were Domino paid their own money to pave over potholes in cities and leaving a wonderful message, "oh yes we did".

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BBC Dracula KitKat McDonald Zoo


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