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VIDEO: MacG out Puns Solphenduka from the podcast and chill Monday episode. Check the comments

MacG from his podcast out punned Solphenduka, who is given the crown as the best person with puns in South Africa. Their podcast is very beautiful because they can say whatever they want and are not restricted by any script. They know that, as human beings, they are having fouls and they are not removing those moments, which is a good reason for it.


As it comes to the pun MacG had on Solphenduka, it was, "You have bought an iPhone 13 instead of a generator." It comes as the country is struggling with loadshedding and he is not happy with it. Solphenduka was caught off guard and he tried to come back. He also talked about how MacG is rich and how he bought a Samsung A3 just recently on cash.

When you see MacG he is not someone who does not likes to flex and when you see him, you will not even think of him being rich. Their show on Monday is very beautiful and many people loves it. Every Monday they know that they have something to talk about and even on Thursdays. On Monday, it is a day where they talk about anything that is interesting and has happened in the past 6 days.


Even though many other people have wanted a platform that is loved to be cancelled. He has made it clear that he is not going anywhere and that those who hate him can continue with it. What is also amazing about the Podcast and Chill is that MacG and Solphenduka are not afraid to be dragged. They do it to others and it should get back to them.


Solphenduka on Khanyi would be happy with the big puns and he made it clear that if she accepts him on that day, he will love to be featured in the roast for her. It is not for everyone to participate, so if you are feeling blah, stay away from it. They are extremely brutal and parental guidance is strongly advised. When it is Monday, people are feeling refreshed from the weekend because they know something distressing is coming out.

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