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Here Is The Vehicle That Intercept Your Phone Calls When The President Is Around

"Radio Jamming" refers to the intentional jamming, obstructing, or interference with wireless communications. By reducing the signal-to-noise ratio, it distrusts communication. It works by directing radio signals to a central tower for reception. Cell phone signals will be overwhelmed because it is able to imitate the signal from your cell phone. In essence, it transmits a signal at the same frequency as a cell phone does. The signal is strong enough to overcome the signal from your phone.

A jammer can also be used to defend vehicles in a convoy or an individual from bombs that have been detonated, giving the vehicle a wide protective field. In order to defeat the remote-controlled improvised explosive devices, it uses Direct Synthesis Technology.

For convoy protection, it is used to keep an important person, object, or piece of equipment safe from harm. Reactive signal generators, sophisticated sweep generators, and highly efficient power amplifiers are the system's most important components. To ensure that jamming energy is sent where it is most required, it has altered its antenna arrays. Unwanted calls are prevented, and the location of the sited communication equipment is determined.

A convoy jamming system is used to reduce the risk of improvised explosive device (IED) attacks when traveling by car. Broad-band bomb jamming equipment have been installed in one of the trucks. In order to protect the presidential convoy from roadside bombs that are activated by radar, this is the greatest method of defense.


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