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Here's how to 'super-charge' your iphone so it charges much quicker

If there's one thing that lets an iPhone down, it's the span of its battery life. You only have to own one of Apple's smartphones for a year or so before the battery starts rapidly degenerating, lasting for shorter and shorter amounts of time while you're getting increasingly anxious about being left phoneless and stranded.

Which often requires us to plug in and charge it for a much-needed battery boost at every opportunity. The thing is, even charging it takes a fair while, and you're stuck lingering by a plug point for as long as possible in a bid to get as much battery as you can.

But Business Insider has recently revealed we've all been wasting time. Because we could've been 'super charging' our smartphones at much higher speeds - reaching 100% in around 5 minutes, to be specific - if only we'd known how. And there are a few very simple ways of doing it.

Switch your phone to airplane mode

The thinking behind this is that switching your phone onto airplane mode prevents the phone from carrying out any functions that tend to drain the battery. This includes gaining access to wifi, making or receiving calls, texts, messages and emails, connecting to bluetooth and receiving push notifications.

Use an optimum charger

According to Business Insider, the best kind of charging device for speed is an iPad wall charger, which can transfer more amps of electricity per second than any of the others. That means it's more efficient than a charger plugged into a computer, or an iPhone charger plugged into the mains. (It's worth nothing that only the iPhone 6 and newer models are capable of accepting 2.1 amps per second, which is the amount the iPhone wall charger provides).

Leave your phone alone

And that includes turning it on to check the time. As Business Insider noted in their video, the more you turn on the phone's display, the more battery it uses up, which makes sense really.

Doing all the above things, the tech heads at Business Insider were able to charge an iPhone 6 from 0 to 10% in just 5 minutes, which is double the time it took when they didn't do all of the above. Just think of all the savings you could make on energy bills. It's easy when you know how...


Content created and supplied by: Elcarimglamour (via Opera News )

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