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She bought an Iphone online and received her package only to find this inside

Online shopping has become popular over the years. It makes life much more easier and saves a lot of time.

Most people hardly get time to move around shopping in stores therefore they end up buying the things that they want online like food clothes and even electronic gadgets.

However there are always disadvantages to everything. Online stores are now also filled with scam artists who sell people fake products with some never even delivering after being paid.

A certain girls shared a story of a person who had bought an Iphone for R2400 online only to receive something else. Instead of an iphone she got a package and ended up getting an iron.

A lot of people felt sorry for her for having been scammed like that. However some people suggested that the price was too low for an Iphone therefore that should have been a red flag for her to begin with.

People should be careful when buying things online and should try get gadgets from reputable online stores and not random people.

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