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#Uzalo: See These Three main Reasons Below Why Sbonelo Will Steal Cars With Njeza, Hleziphi And Sbu.

Sbonelo has been refusing to take Njeza and Hleziphi's deal of stealing cars, but now he has no choice than to take it because of these three reasons below.

1. Nonkanyiso

Nonkanyiso is the main reason in Sbonelo's life. Yes he loves Sphilile, money, fame and pride but Nonksnyiso is the only important thing which makes Sbonelo calm. Hleziphi made a proposal to Sbonelo of working with them in stealing cars and he will get a chance to be with Nonka. Sbonelo doesn't have a Choice cause he didn't pay Lobola so he can't do what he did to Sphilile to Nonka but the only thing he has to do, is to get back his power to be with Nonkanyiso. The power comes with money so he will steal cars.

2. Nkunzi is taking Sphilile Away From Him.

The more Sbonelo stays in Nkunzi's house, the more Sphilile is moving away from him. Nkunzi has built that strong interaction with Sphilile and also she falls for the trap. Sbonelo is weak and poor and Sphilile wants money and care therefore Nkunzi is taking her. The only way Sbonelo has is to leave Nkunzi's house and this forces him to do the haist.

3. He Is Poor And Doesn't Get A Job.

Sbonelo's life is about pride and flexing. To him life is incomplete without those things. Therefore Sbonelo is forced to be independent inorder for him to live his life happily and nice life without anyone oppressing him. He than need money and he will only get money from the haist.

These are the factors that force Sbonelo to work with Njeza and Hleziphi.

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