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Chargeable lights that last long during loadshedding from R60

Its frustrating to have to light up candles or carry a flashlight around when load-shedding strikes at night.

There is a multitude of affordable battery and solar-powered options available in South Africa to light up your home during power outages.

LED-powered bulbs, for example, typically require between 3-12 watts (W) of power, compared to a desktop computer that needs around 200W, or a geyser that can demand 3,000W.This means that for two hours of load-shedding, an LED lamp will need only around 6Wh to 24Wh of power. To put this into perspective, a 4,000mAh smartphone battery offers 48Wh of capacity.


One of the most convenient ways to keep the lights on is to replace your normal light bulbs with bulbs that have built-in batteries that can be charged using the electricity connection of your house.

When the power goes off, the bulb automatically switches from grid power to battery power, until the electricity connection is restored.

Among the important features to consider with these bulbs include the socket type, how long the bulb’s battery will last during an outage, its charging time, and its brightness.

Below are battery-rechargeable LED lightbulbs to provide indoor lighting to your house during load-shedding:

Eurolux G1066 3W LED rechargeable lamp –R60

Battery life – 3 hours

0-100% charging time – 20 to 24 hours

Socket type – E27

Eurolux G983 5W Battery Globe Light –R105

Battery life – 5 hours

0-100% charging time – 8 to 10 hours

Connector type – E27 or B22

Osram 10W Rechargeable Light Bulb –R115

Battery life – 3 hours

0-100% charging time – 10 hours

Connector type – E27

Products available here:

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