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A Young South African Lady Deactivated Her Twitter Account After Doing This

Twitter: Mr Handsome

Social media is one of the most entertaining platforms in the world in the current times. However, besides the entertainment that it brings, it can also be toxic and destroy people's lives.

Twitter has always proven to be the most toxic platform of all the social media platforms. Numerous people who use the platform have been victims of bad comments and hate speech on this platform.

In the past few days, a young South African lady who is known as "@Dee_Moola_1" became a victim of her own words after tweeting, "A Man Who Has Never Been To KONKA".

The joke didn't turn out to be funny after she got humiliated by one of the users. One of the users replied, " We do not only bring our thighs to the club so chill and open your lower limbs for alcohol in order for you to feel you have made it in life".

The comment opened gates for other users to pile up with even more toxic replies. Due to the humiliation that she suffered, she decided to deactivate her account.

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