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CAF President: Patrice Motsepe Set For The Election Victory.

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Congratulations pours in for the Proudly South African Billionaire Mr Patrice Motsepe for the recent seat He will obtain in the CAF.

OFFICIAL: SOUTH AFRICAN Dr Patrice Motsepe is set to become the next CAF president after all the components withdrew in a unanimous pre-arranged pact with other candidates; Senghor, Yehya and Anouma. Therefore we congratulate him from r making it to this far and was able to obtain the presidential seat.

We all know the CEO of Mamelodi Sundown, how managing he is, how he usaully handles the whole situation in the football industry and in the country as a whole. Dr Patrice Motsepe is a very supportive person in the whole country. He always ensure the development in the entire country.

The South African Billionaire Dr Patrice Motsepe deserves this seat and he will ensure a way forward in the CAF as a whole. The official news were also posted on social media platforms including Instagram where followers, football lovers and the continent in large that Dr Patrice Motsepe is left to take over the CAF presidential seat. We are so proud as South Africans for such news and we ready to support in everything anyhow and wishing for the growth in the CAF.

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CAF Election Victory Patrice Motsepe Proudly South African Billionaire


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