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The Reason Why Sergio Ramos Is In Trouble At PSG In the Wind

The Reason Why Sergio Ramos Is In Trouble At PSG In the Wind

Date: 2021/11/01

Sergio Ramos has never been match fit ever since he got to PSG the club that is worth more than a billion in sponsorships, the French people really have outdone themselves this time around, but Sergio Ramos is finding it difficult to get his body in order so the CEOs are looking to letting him go if it is possible, because they want to win the champions league and they would like to see their players getting along and playing together.


Photo: Soccer Laduma - Navas And Sergio Ramos

The French league is intense, it is not like the Spanish league where a single foul is a card because they want to protect the players and make sure they play every game.


Sergio looks like he wants to go back to Spain and play for Valencia as that is where the game is at right now, rather than him still being in France playing with people he was taught to hate in the same team.

Photo - Ramos playing for Real Madrid

Paris is string place, Neymar still has two years remaining in his deal because he signed a 5-year deal which put him in positions of big salaries and he is the only one salary that was not cut during Covid-19.

Ramos costed Real Madrid in the Semi-Finals against Chelsea with Tomas Tuchels’ young team. The Paris club is in a process of being the greatest in the world only if they can get the fit players to play together in the same team.

Ramos might also be suffering from depression, after all of the big champions league wins to go back and be a bench warmer for the sake of being it is just not fair for anyone, but Ramos wants to go back to where it all started Valencia like Navas who plays for Sevilla after his travels to England.  


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