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Why Some Footballers Wear A Black Underwear Under Their Jersey

Those of you who are following the Euro 2020 event will remember the moment Artem Dovbyk took his jersey off following Ukraine's 2-1 victory over Sweden in their round of 16 encounter.

As soon as you take his top off, you'll find that he's wearing black underwear that appears similar to a female bra.

However, Artem Dovbyk isn't the only footballer who has been photographed wearing this type of underwear, as other well-known footballers such as Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have also been spotted with the same type of undergarments.

The purpose of this underwear is unclear, as is the reason for its use by some players.

The'sports bra,' as we refer to it, does not fulfill the same function as the traditional bras that ladies wear. Unlike women, who wear conventional bras for the purpose of body augmentation, footballers use sports bras to measure their fitness levels.

This bra is equipped with a built-in monitoring device that is used to monitor the health and fitness of football players who have recently returned from injury or who are deemed unfit by medical professionals to play.

Aspects of the game such as player speed and distance traveled are also tracked in some instances.

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